A Little About Me!

A Little About Me!

It seems like a lifetime I have been working on this vision. I have seen this evolve in so many forms. The mind-expanding endeavour of a dream!  The one thing that has never changed in my life is my drive and determination to never accept good enough; that anything I set my mind too I am going to achieve. The lessons I have learned from defining moments in my life have shaped this moment and this vision.

I have been called intimidating more than once in my life, mostly because I am! I am not arrogant, I am self-assured in my abilities I never turn down an opportunity to learn something new, I accept and know who I am and what I want out of this life. 

  Someone once looked at me and said “what if you didn't wear hair extensions, fake nails and did not show your tattoos and just went without or covered”? I was offended truly but I realized this... I can! I have! and yet I chose not to! Because then I am not being me! I want to evolve and allow myself to grow but at the core, I have never changed who I am to please someone else.

This one moment inspired me to make this not just about fashion but the depth of the people wearing it.  So instead I created a brand, A life statement for people like me who can fulfil their lifestyle needs in one place. Casual/fitness wear, the Golf Course, formal wear/ work attire, a laugh or two, tips, tricks, events, shenanigans, great feel-good topics, and I am sure some serious ones too. A place to create balance in life and ourselves all well looking damn good.

This Vision of Queen Of Clubs was for me to create a platform not only for great fashion but no matter who you are you can be accepted! Golf is my happy place, It is the only place in the world I feel like I have full control, everything else disappears I know nothing else in my mind matters but the next shot. (Even if it's my hard slice right biting me in the ass). So naturally being a tattooed chick that can swear like a trucker in moments of ball loss and is probably going to show up in stiletto’s carrying her golf bag this is for you! Just because you don't fit the mould of what we have known as "Typical" Don't worry Imma gonna tear down that perception forever! 

Queen Of Clubs is my lifestyle. This is me If I wouldn't wear it, I am not selling it.  For the men's line, I have taken my love for vintage fashion and inspiration from men in my life who I feel dress nice or if I had the chance to dress them this is what I would suggest them to wear. 

Our entire life can change in one moment, we are not limited to those moments but it is up to us if we choose to still tolerate what was.

To my boys, if you ever care enough to read this much before you give up and say "that's awesome mom" without reading it!

 Jesse & Brody - I love you, boys. The lessons and drive you two alone have taught me is incredible. I learned being a mother is to be strong and fearless in the name of pure love. It created a fierce fighter inside of me. You both opened up my eyes to a world that only you see. You allowed me perspective and reinforced that being different creates amazing change even if it is a struggle.  I am so blessed to have you as my kids. I am so proud of you both. Always remember to follow your heart and your dreams, never give up and know that I will always walk beside you no matter how dark the day seems we will always find the light together. xoxo mom 

 Friends/Family.... to all the awesome people I have in my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me never being around, my endless day/nights that overlapped. I couldn't have done this without your support and input, your late-night check-ins to make sure I take a break. I feel very few people in life are truly genuine and to find the few that are left and have them in my circle is what this life is all about. Truly blessed to have you in my life. I will never forget the people who were there for me during the last two years. May this journey allow us to share incredible life-changing moments. 

And lastly

Thank you to everyone who doubted me, I appreciate the drive you instilled in me. To all the people who could care less thank you for still not caring I didn't do it for you anyway! and for everyone that said you can't do that it's too different ... guess what you can and being different is what sets me apart! 


Rachelle Steele 


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