Motivation, Determination & Hustle

Motivation, Determination & Hustle

What is your motivation? What drives you? 

Everyone’s going to measure themselves differently because everyone values things differently. Some people value success or significance, some people value love more, some people value just basic levels of certainty, so when I look at the specifics I look at metrics of what are the things that need to be measured to know if your life is gonna work or not so I look at it as… our whole lives are guided moment to moment by the state we’re in.

The beliefs and rules and how to fulfill that target.

So, Osama Bin Laden, certainly driven, love-driven, contribution-driven, significance-driven, not hard to figure out on a 0 to 10 he was a 10 for significance. He was like the 22nd child, most people don’t know that. Insignificant, not skilled, took his dad’s money, went over to Afghanistan, and suddenly because he had money he became significant. And he started… he wasn’t even part of that movement at that stage. It shaped him. So, what does he do? He’s going to figure out his model of the world is I’m significant if I destroy you. Right?

On that same day of 9/11, there were men and women on the fire and police department that were also all driven by significance and contribution and they went into that building knowing they’re likely going to die to save a stranger. Both people are driven to have a significant life, one is by taking life, one is by giving their own life.

So, once you understand the metrics, using your language, of what is driving you and then the rules or beliefs of what does it take for you to feel loved, is different for everybody. What does it take for you to feel certain?

Some people need 1 million dollars some people just need to trust God. 

An extraordinary life is life on your terms.

Growth, self-understanding and development are so very important, Life needs a plan a moment where 100% certainty in yourself, your goals and your values guide you.  Our life is controlled by one force: Decisions. 

So, go make mistakes, fail, but live every moment with intention so when the time comes to make that decision you can look back at all good and bad mistakes, hard life choices/ blessed moments, and what it has taught you. Take that certainty of self, that strength that is you and creates an amazing platform to share from. 

Decide to make YOUR time count. Decide to invest in yourself.  Now go get to work!

Self-Motivation provided by: Tony Robbins & Rachelle Steele

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