The Best The Worst & The Ugly - Life Lessons

The Best The Worst & The Ugly - Life Lessons

I have had 3 people in my life all on different levels of relationships with me bring, to light THE BEST, THE WORST & THE UGLY to the forefront in 8 hours. Which made me reflect on, how our interactions change us? 

How relationships on any level change who we are. 

The day started with THE UGLY,  you know those people you know who are ugly humans on the inside because they are hiding their insecurities by being fake in day-to-day life. You see through their shit a mile away! I have known this person for 5 years. This person was brought up in a well-to-do family, who you would depict from first glance as being well dressed, clean cut with that ability to snooze well. The small talk guy to everyone else but the boys club, who would pass you and not say hey how's your day... So, I happen to run into him today, a random location. We of course say "Hi" I ask about his family and life's adventures and he responds with his statement and that's it!  But what caught my eye was how deflated he was, he didn't puff out his chest like he always does showing everyone he is the man. One on one he deflated, his confidence was shot and I could see him become intimidated by my presence.  Knowing this person for 5 years I have come to know their personality and actions very well and, in my opinion,  I didn't view them as a genuine person. I have learned to always trust my instincts about people you around, When I have an "off feeling" it usually turns out people are not who they seem to be! This person changed me in a business sense, as I never want to portray myself to my business associates in such a fake manner. That NO ONE is better than anyone else, we all bring validity to the table and having an ignorant mindset only insures the people surrounding you do not value you. So thank you to the UGLY you are who I don't want to be.


 Now, this person randomly texts me from time to time and I will admit it is still very hard to act like this person didn't change me in a very drastic way. Lessons from having the rug pulled out still resonate in my actions moving forward in certain areas of my life. So, When Hurt Teaches You! I was deeply connected and for the first time completely open. This was a connection when you fell asleep at night you didn't even need to think you just knew exactly where their hand was. When everything surrounding you formed a likeness... And nothing but pure support surrounded your passions. Honestly, it was that incredible depth of love people dream of. Underlining past hurt found its way into our connection & the closer we got the further we became. Deep seeded hurt taught him to know that distance and stubbornness are easier,  it allows us to have an out... the ability to run. See I didn't know this yet... I fought for everything important but I didn't speak the right language because I didn't understand I couldn't fix what I didn't understand. I learned the deep hurt that created that distance, that lead to that void. The vulnerability to be able to drop your guard and fully open your heart and how that disappears and you feel numb. His actions taught me what I didn't understand. Talking today  I get it! I fully understand now, the "why ?" to THE WORST! The most connected and supportive person in my life, who helped me by supporting my idea for this business and was a huge part of my self-growth, turned out to be the one that caused the worst damage I have ever known! It changed the core of who I am. But it taught me to be more open with myself because I accepted that change in myself, so now going forward I do not hold myself accountable for others' actions, and that deep-seated hurt damages others drastically! to fully give yourself to someone else you need to know who you are. Hurt will always teach you something. You’re either going to become stronger because of that hurt, or you’re not and you're going to create a negative cycle. I learned what I value even more in life that I didn’t before THE WORST  and that was myself. I will always hold this person close to me even though I shouldn’t, for all the pain there was, we also created a platform to heal for each other! Which allowed us to grow, even if was apart.

“The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way.”
― Charles Chaplin



 A close friend of mine is having a day from hell. Life is falling apart and it's really bad. Anxiety is through the roof and shits going downhill at a rapid speed type day!  Not the type of person you want to ever see mad or stressed mad. Scary, intimidating to most 98% of people on a regular day!  I have seen his anger and frustration and yes, it's like walking on eggshells. I never judge I have learned to have patience and I always listen with compassion because I do care. Now, why is this THE BEST? All he was speaking about was the negative and how to chin-up bud! does not work in this situation.  And I agree he is fucked!  I was explaining that there is always a way and when you put things in motion sometimes they do work out and it's not all negative. I named this the best because THE BEST because in life is Learning a lesson allows us to grow. Even if it's a hard lesson it will create a moment where you decide to not allow it to happen again, or that even when you think the worst you might just learn you have people you can lean on and other people you will not tolerate in the future.

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles”
― Charles Chaplin

 Do not take the everyday lessons that are happening in front of you for granted these little moments or big moments in life alter you and your view going forward. SO, take a minute to accept the lesson, or the possibilities of change appreciate the good and the bad that’s what creates an authentic you.

"Sometimes we think too much and feel too little".

― Charles Chaplin 

Rachelle Steele  

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