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Ever walk into a meeting with a great idea and you know it will drive sales and turn things around, can you effectively persuade a panel or board to see your way as the most efficient. What is your role as a salesman is it to just sell..? how do you get a yes every time without tricking your consumer with faulty promises. What about that deal you lost that big one you wanted so bad and you knew your product was better and they went the other way. 

 From the moment you had to negotiate for more TV time when you were a child is still fundamentally and neurologically the same pattern we use today & guess what we all do it different. Some people buy a car for the look, some for performance, some for gas mileage, some for the feel of the vehicle. Example) I went to buy a car my main concern was gas milage I wanted good gas mileage and a sporty feel that handled tight around corners so basically a sports car with good gas mileage. When I finally found the car I loved that checked all the boxes I was Looking for, and guess what they didn't have one in black and that was it deal off! my point is we may think we know what we want but really it will come down to a simple formula it really is just the look of the car that sold me. (Visually based ) That is the same things that will make or break deals when it comes to sales and negotiation. What if I told you I can give you the tools to understand how your clients strategies in purchasing by breaking down body language, linguists and tonality. Let's break apart the basic fundamentals of sales & negotiating.  

What are you waiting for never miss and opportunity for more knowledge and skills to build your foundation! You have control over becoming a better you than you  were yesterday. 

 I will work One on One with you helping you develop your effectiveness to lead a happier healthy life making and surpassing this next chapter. You will never be stuck again. 

This includes:

1)  1/1 meeting via zoom or facetime 1-hour consultation.

Strategies and homework for your next session where we lay the foundation for your new path.

2) We follow up; 1-2 session I would like to say 1 hour but I don't work like that we are not on a clock I am here to insure you have the tools, confidence and understanding moving forward.  Most often what we think we're seeking answers for is not the actually issue holding you back. :) 

3) Every situation different as we are all different and all process information differently. Your specific patterns in deleting, distorting, generalizing information neurologically is what I map out.  This allows me to break down the patterns of information that is stored in your unconscious mind and that essentially will increase your power and beliefs instead of keeping them limited in this current state, also addressing specifics you would like to incorporate and understand, change or strategies that will create a solid platform for you to sell and negotiate from. 

Take action now allow yourself to grow, add more value to your life and the people around you. Function in a limitless mindset.