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Feel lost in the ability to communicate with your loved one, feel helpless when words are not an option for communicating.

This is why NLP changed my life, so much as it gave me the ability to understand a beautiful mind my son has. How do you communicate with someone who doesn't? I was helpless and lost and on a endless fight and search for the understanding of how the mind all works, why everyone's is different and how we function on a neurological level has been my life for 15 years now. I fell into NLP because its has been the only answer to the why for me? When they say something doesn't work or underdeveloped and you ask why no one can tell you! NLP was the key for me to understand... I would never and could never get my son to function the way i function. What if strategies were the missing link... I communicate and understand like this and he does and this is how????? the information being exchanged is not in the language there brain understands? what if we could map the process and figure out the language. Thank you NLP. I became a practitioner to bring immense value and support to the ones I love so they can experience this life to the fullest.   I am devoted to helping families achieve success in there family unit.  I want to help you understand and move forward in changing your life, your mental state, your confidence and you interactions when it come to nonverbal communication.  Take this opportunity to effectively take control of the way others communicate. I will give you 15 years of my soul to insure you move forward and embrace the path to unlocking the map of Nonverbal communication 

I will work One on One with you helping you develop your effectiveness to lead a happier healthy life making and surpassing this next chapter. 

This includes:

1)  1/1 meeting via zoom or facetime 1-2 hour consultation.

Strategies and homework for your next session where we lay the foundation for your new path.

2) We follow up; 1-2 session I would like to say 1 hour but I don't work like that we are not on a clock I am here to insure you have the tools, confidence and understanding moving forward.  Most often what we think we're seeking answers for is not the actually issue holding you back. :) 

3 Every situation different as we are all different and all process information differently. Your specific patterns in deleting, distorting, generalizing information neurologically is what I map out.  This allows me to break down the patterns of information that is stored in your unconscious mind and that essentially will increase your power and beliefs instead of keeping them limited in this current state. 

Take action now allow yourself to grow, add more value to your life and the people around you. Function in a limitless mindset.